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Gardens for Annual New River Valley Garden Tour 2017

Terry and Paula Golden: 2095 Plank Drive, Blacksburg

Traditional curved beds fronting this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house descend toward a sweeping back hillside garden that wonderfully mixes respect for nearby Native American migrations, Californian and European influences, and ecological awareness. Beneath the deck a small grotto features three millstone-headed fountains cascading into a stream that ends in a pond beside the patio. Here the gardeners' affection for blue emerges in chairs made from 376 recycled milk jugs surrounding a fire pit sporting cobalt blue firestones. Blue wine bottle trees appear throughout, while clear glass flowers made by daughter Kate smile beside an arbor. Other fabricated pleasures, like metal sculptures, mix with hundreds of interesting shrubs, plants, and trees. Native soil has been amended with natural materials to create this certified wildlife habitat-home to birds, bees, and other welcome creatures.

Spring pictures!

These photos are of the gardens in late summer and fall.