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Gardens for Annual New River Valley Garden Tour 2017

Bill Ryan and Debbie Plunkett: 3592 Old Town Road, Shawsville

The jewel in this crown is an impressive pond the owners had dug nine years ago when they built their handsome brick home. Naturally fed by springs that well up from marshy ground sprouting cattails, the pond has a large central fountain, a sandy beach, and a small dock with pond-size kayaks lined up for grandchildren to enjoy. Trees that love "wet feet"-corkscrew willows, weeping willows, and sycamores-draw attention to farther scenery, such as a red barn and silo, as well as the railroad track where the steam train #611 was famously photographed by O. Winston Link. A bird house appeals to the purple martins, while cultivars such as crepe myrtles, Cleveland pears, and an espaliered pyracantha complement the interesting brickwork of the driveways and deck of this family-friendly place.

Spring pictures!

These photos are of the gardens in late summer and fall.