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Gardens for Annual New River Valley Garden Tour 2017

Dennis and Linda Schnecker: 2791 Yarrow Road, Blacksburg

A panoramic view of mountains and woods surrounds this multi-faceted hillside garden that flows downhill from a cheerful passive-solar three-story house. Close to the house are lovely walkways, terraces, trellises, steps, and beds nurturing a bounty of plants and shrubs, from Don Juan roses to ferns, heuchera, pieris, and hundred-year-old peonies. Nestled into the slope is a remarkable water garden featuring a natural-rock base discovered when digging began, later augmented with a cascading stream and attractive fish. Farther downhill a white gazebo covered in hop vines seems to invite a wedding. Native trees such as persimmon and redbud have been joined by numerous others, such as wolf-eye dogwood, triple birch, hop hornbeam, and Chinese fringe. This expansive property reflects both the labor and the love its owners have invested in it.

Spring pictures!

These photos are of the gardens in late summer and fall.