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Books currently on sale:

CHEERFUL BY REQUEST by Edna Ferber- c. 1918 $25
Masonic , Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy $300
The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes First Edition (1980, Hardcover) $39.99
The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of COMPRESSIBLE FLUID FLOW Volume 1 $30
The Welding. by Lafayette McLaws. 1907 $35
FOE-FARRELL by "Q" Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, 1st EDITION $59.99
Economic History of Europe by Herbert Heaton $45
Brazilian Adventure by Peter Fleming. First Edition 1934 $60
The Elephant God by Gordon Casserly. First American Edition. 1921 $30
On the Amazon by A Stephens $25
The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725 Cummings, Abbott: 1979. First Edition. Hardcover $45
Tokyo Story (DVD) Criterion Edition. 2-disc set, special edition $20
The Wheel of Life by Ellen Glasgow. 1906 First Edition $24
The She Boss by Arthur Preston Hankins 1922 $25
Routledge Rides Alone by Will Comfort 1910 $24
Your World: Let's Take a Bus Trip (1967) $20
The Great House In The Park by Anna Robeson Brown Burr. 1924 $40
Coursthip of a Careful Man, by Edward S. Martin. 1905 First Edition, Illustrated $25
Napoleon: The Diaries. The Geat Commanders Series $40
The 40 Days of Musa Dagh by Franz Werfel 1934 $25
Abraham Lincoln: The War Years 4 Vol Set $140
First 100 Years: A History of VT $35
Clutch of Circumstance By Leighton Graves Osmun $40
Holland Agenda 2007 Dutch Design $50
The Living Races of Man by Carleton Coon $95
Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T,E, Lawrence $45
Cradle will Rock: An Orignal Screenplay by Orson Welles  
Dogwoods are blooming by Carolyn T. Feagans - signed by author  
Murder Casts a Shadow by Victoria N. Kneubuhl - signed by author  
Toad of Toad Hall by A.A. Milne  
House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne  
Collected Poems 1930-1976 Robert Eberhart