[E] Etzler Garden

305 Giles Rd. Blacksburg

Becky and Michael Etzler   

By repurposing materials, exchanging plants with friends, and doing his own landscaping, over the last 31 years Michael and Becky Etzler transformed a bland half acre lot with no landscaping into a botanical oasis. With a combination of fruit and vegetables, flowering plants, and environmentally friendly habitats, the Etzler yard provides for healthy eating, peaceful beauty, and bird watching.

The Etzler’s favorite tree is their Kieffer Pear tree, a fast-growing self-pollinator with creamy yellow-skinned fruit and crisp, juicy flesh. It was their first tree planted on the property.

They prefer not to use commercial products on yard and gardens, but do add 10-10-10 approximately every third year. They keep bins with yard and garden waste for reuse. Natural methods of protecting plants include a deer fence and picking off pests thus reinforcing their preferred clean gardening philosophy.

One can forget that the university and downtown are nearby when sitting near the gurgling water garden. Cooling off in a clawfoot tub, relaxing under the Silverbell tree, and watching a variety of birds, insects, and bees are some of the couple’s favorite pastimes in the peaceful environment they have lovingly created. Visitors can wind their way around sculptured flower gardens and vegetable plots or enjoy a chair in a shady nook.


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All photos (C) Charles Bostian or Becky Etzler