[K-V] Keciorius-Villareal Garden

1306 Greendale Dr. , Blacksburg

Katie Keciorius  and Alex Villareal

When the Keciorius/Villareal family moved back to Blacksburg from Colorado in 2018 it was a big change in the type of gardening they were used to. Katie and Alex knew they wanted to renovate the acre of land they purchased and began by creating a large garden bed at the back of the house. Last year was the first year of both full floral and vegetable harvests.

They continued through Covid incorporating bold textures and bright colors to invite the eyes of both small wildlife and humans alike.  They consider their design style “whimsical meets pollinator paradise.” To best appreciate the front view, stand atop the driveway and overlook the retaining wall to see the layers of color and texture blocked against the raised brick beds. For the best view in the back, stand on the deck and get a bird’s eye view of the gardens below.

They have been growing dahlias as cutting flowers for about 3 years with 15 types this year and likely more to come! To reinforce the interest and color style, they have planted a White Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry with cascading blossoms in the spring and beautiful orange foliage in the fall. Crepe Myrtles round out larger plantings and provide more color as well. More recent projects are the backyard shade garden along the fence; a berry garden revamp behind the grape arbor; and the flower petal fire pit.

Katie and Alex consider their garden to be young and have big plans for its growth. Next year they plan to raise chickens, start composting, and enroll in the Extension Master Gardener program. Future goals include developing a large cut flower garden and creating beehives. This will surely be a garden to watch in the years to come!

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All photos (C) Charles Bostian