[Mi] Miller Garden

3007 Wakefield Dr. Blacksburg

Brenda and Barry Miller

The Millers have been gardening here for seven years and inherited the gardens when they moved into their home. They have been adding bulbs and plants ever since and like to mix vegetables in with the flowering plants. Irises provide early color and are continually being added to highlight the paths. The Koi pond is a favorite feature that is planted with hostas and lilies and framed by both Red Bud and Dogwood trees.

The Millers have an irrigation system but do water if needed. They compost as needed and their greatest areas of pest management are for the voles and moles as deer do not frequent their property. A Great Blue Heron can often be seen in the pond area but as beautiful as the heron is, it can be a problem with the Koi. They have not identified a solution except to share. The same is true with the worms eating the zucchini in the summer.

Barry maintains the yard and Brenda does most of the gardening and weeding. The Millers enjoy their yard and a neighbor suggested that it was worthy of being shared on the garden tour.


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All photos (C) Charles Bostian